Welcome to Camp Brainerd

Camp Brainerd has been a wonderful place where creation and simplicity grow spirituality and relationships. We have provided a Summer Camp Program, Retreats for children, youth and adults throughout the last 62 years.


The Future of Camp…

We wanted to share with you our update on the changes happening with Brainerd and the Camping Ministry and Program.  You can read more in this letter from our Director.


Celebration of 62 Years of Ministry

On October 25th & 26th, we will be having a time of celebration for the ministry of Camp Brainerd.  It will be a time for all of us to gather, worship, reminisce, and enjoy the piece of God’s creation we know as Brainerd.  You can find more details on this page and also register for the event.  There is no charge, but this will help us to know how many people to plan for.


Sharing the Memories…

We need ALL OF YOU TO HELP!!!  We are gathering as many photos, stories, poems, memories, etc. from across the years that Brainerd has served children, youth and adults to grow as Christians.  We will be compiling these items to make a yearbook that you will be able to order and purchase so you can cherish the memories of Camp Brainerd forever.  You can find out more information about how to submit information here.  They will be available to order in late October/early November.